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There are few people that I actively hate but Neo-Nazis could all commit mass suicide and I would not be sad.

Kevin Ayers - Caribbean Moon

Possibly the most awesomely gay music video ever made

Movie Thoughts: The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965)

Plot: Master sculpture Michelangelo (Charlton Heston!) gets a commission from the pope (Rex Harrison) to paint the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel.  Wacky hi-jinks ensue.

Man, this movie really tries to cram freaking everything into just over two hours!  It’s an art movie, a history lesson, a religious epic, and a war film all in one! It really says something that it doesn’t fall flat on its ass. Sadly it’s also not a great film, Despite it’s epic qualities and really impressive sets and costumes, the whole thing is a little flat and only really comes to life when Heston and Harrison are bickering, giving the film a touch of camp that it really needed more of.
And hey! Did you know that Michelangelo was probably gay in real life? You couldn’t tell if you watched this movie though, other than some non-hints involving a pointless romantic subplot that were used to cover it.

I give it a solid “C” rating. Interesting but ultimately forgettable.

Scratch Acid - Damned for All Time

For dandielionadrift

Women are people. They deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else.
Reducing them to objects and trophies you can win is awful and needs to stop, like right now.

This culture needs a serious attitude adjustment.

Fuck John Mellencamp and fuck small towns

Remember when Limp Bizkit did a cover of The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes and they cut out the middle section of the song and replaced it with a Speak and Spell spelling out the bands name, and then in the video Fred Durst stuck his tongue down Halle Berry’s throat? That pretty much sums up what the 2000’s were like.

You say you are holy,
And that
Because I have not seen you sin.
Aye, but there are those
Who see you sin, my friend.
Stephen Crane
I Remember

I remember the light rain
The way it made the earth smell
Primal, almost dangerous
I remember the cars that sped by
The stench of their exhaust
As we stood by the freeway
Someone yelled something as they passed
But neither of us paid attention
I remember the trees like soldiers
That stood watch over the beer cans
And the condom wrappers
That had roamed aimlessly
And ended up against the chain link fence
I remember the sun that gave no warmth
From the rain that had soaked through my clothes

I remember everything
But I don’t remember much about you
Because I couldn’t look at your face
As you said goodbye