Sad Boy Inc.
I Hear a Bell

I hear a bell
Ear splitting
Tolling through the evening sky
Triggering the landslide
That will bury me tonight
Covering me in endless jumbled thoughts
And uneasy dreams

Tonight’s Movie: Mesa of Lost Women (1953)


A loopy confusing mess about a mad scientist (former child star Jackie Coogan!) trying to create indestructible spider people and the idiots that try and stop him. Sort of.
Notable for a couple of things: its large amount of character actors from other z-grade movies (many from Ed Wood’s posse) and it’s insanely irritating flamenco guitar soundtrack that almost never stops! (Wood also used it for his crime film Jail Bait the following year).
Also notable for being started by one hack (Herbert Tevos, his only screen credit) and finished by another (Ron Orton, who would later find Jesus and make no budget Christian films that really have to be seen to be believed) creating head scratching inconsistencies like an opening double flashback (!) and inserted scenes where the actors are very obviously standing in front of a black screen!
Also features a crummy looking spider and random dwarfs, which are the best kind, really.

The film is also in the public domain (because who the Hell would renew the copyright?) and you can legally watch it for free here

Five Random Facts About Me

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  1. My favorite movie of all time is Peter Jackson’s Braindead (AKA Dead Alive).
  2. I currently work in a warehouse for an online store, mostly picking and packing customer orders. It’s not flash but it’s decent money.
  3. One time I got really drunk and threw up all over the upstairs hallway of my mom’s house at about 3 am. I was too smashed to even attempt cleaning it up, so she had to do it herself. I still feel bad…
  4. I have a scar on my lip from when a friend accidentally hit me with a snow shovel in sixth grade, although now it’s covered up by facial hair.
  5. The first album I ever bought was Matchbox Twenty’s Yourself or Someone like you. The second was The Offspring’s Americana.

I don’t know how to tag people so everybody reading has to do this thing! Sucked in!

Did you know that the “Crying Indian” was actually an Italian-American?

Quick Thoughts on H.P. Lovecraft

The central theme of Lovecraft’s body of work is probably the bleakest in all of literature: humans don’t matter. Even with all of our scrambling to try and make life better for ourselves and understand the universe, we’re still just insects scrabbling around on a useless chunk of rock.  And if we did actually get a glimpse of how things really are, our minds couldn’t handle it and we’d be driven insane.
We are nothing and we matter nothing.

In an age of constant “hurrah for humanity” bullshit and uplifting gobbledygook present in just about every facet of entertainment, there’s something refreshing in that.  Maybe that’s why I keep coming back to his work, despite his flaws as a writer.
Sometimes you just need a bit of gloom, doom, and celestial abominations to get through the week.

Schedule of the pop station at work

That Amnesia song
Katy Perry’s stupid Birthday Song
That swing from the chandelier song

Although the translation is a bit sketchy at times, this is still one of the best articles on Chaplin you’ll probably ever read.







Disney’s website for their One Saturday Morning block is still up and hasn’t changed since 2003

Quick Horror Movie Thoughts: Pizza (2014)


Plot: A pizza delivery boy delivers a pizza to a creepy old house and ends up trapped inside. That sounds simple but it’s not. A lot of stuff happens in just under two hours…

Went and caught a screening of this Hindi horror film at the cinema’s today with Amanda.  I haven’t seen a lot of Indian films so I don’t really have much of a base to review it but I did find it an odd mix of romantic drama and comedy with horror sequences almost shoehorned in at random. This means that the film is oddly paced. Just when you think the horror parts are building to something, it’s right back to the drama for very long stretches of time. Then there’s a bunch of twists that don’t make a lot of sense and it ends.  A curious viewing experience, that’s for sure.

Does India make a lot of horror movies? I’d love to see more!

Random Things

  • This is actually the second time this film has been remade in India, a third is on the way.
  • The upper middle class white woman in the front row got confused when the intermission happened and started asking if the movie was over!  So much for being cultured…
  • The 3-D was surprisingly well done, except for a few “let’s point stuff a the camera” moments that made me laugh almost as much as the white woman in the front row.
  • The actual movie didn’t totally work for me but the opening title sequence is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, for real!