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Disney’s website for their One Saturday Morning block is still up and hasn’t changed since 2003

Quick Horror Movie Thoughts: Pizza (2014)


Plot: A pizza delivery boy delivers a pizza to a creepy old house and ends up trapped inside. That sounds simple but it’s not. A lot of stuff happens in just under two hours…

Went and caught a screening of this Hindi horror film at the cinema’s today with Amanda.  I haven’t seen a lot of Indian films so I don’t really have much of a base to review it but I did find it an odd mix of romantic drama and comedy with horror sequences almost shoehorned in at random. This means that the film is oddly paced. Just when you think the horror parts are building to something, it’s right back to the drama for very long stretches of time. Then there’s a bunch of twists that don’t make a lot of sense and it ends.  A curious viewing experience, that’s for sure.

Does India make a lot of horror movies? I’d love to see more!

Random Things

  • This is actually the second time this film has been remade in India, a third is on the way.
  • The upper middle class white woman in the front row got confused when the intermission happened and started asking if the movie was over!  So much for being cultured…
  • The 3-D was surprisingly well done, except for a few “let’s point stuff a the camera” moments that made me laugh almost as much as the white woman in the front row.
  • The actual movie didn’t totally work for me but the opening title sequence is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, for real!

Oh. My. God.

Hell yes!


Loneliness creeping in like the tide
But with an undertow
Impossible to escape
Drown me in self pity
But don’t ring any bells
In my remembrance 

We got new thoughts new ideas, it’s all so groovy, it’s just a shame that we’ve all seen the same old movies.
The Saints - Private Affair

The first film on this list that earns its notoriety…at least partially. 

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Or one of its million other titles) is a beautiful, brutal, and confusing movie in equal amounts.

And finally, the earliest work by Steven Spielberg you can possibly find: a couple minutes of a teenaged Steve’s backyard war epic “Escape to Nowhere,” film in 1961.

What’s here is pretty impressive for what’s basically a bunch of kids messing around. I wish the rest of it was available!